Architecture Modern & ancient

“photography enables me to capture the wonderful vistas  of our landscape, our  architecture both modern & ancient and explore natures amazing shapes & patterns”

I have always felt there's a beauty in architecture both modern and ancient. It's design and form can truly be an art form while still being a functional dwelling, office, factory, church or castle. 

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Pat Killilea ​L.I.P.F

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Landscapes & seascapes

My latest work

Nature's flora, shapes, & patterns

The beauty of our Landscapes and Seascapes keeps changing. One day the sun shines in such a way it changes the whole ambiance of a scene, tomorrow it will be different. What if there's a storm ?? 

Nature has a wonderful way of amazing you with the wonderful colours and shapes of its flora. But it doesn't stop there, everywhere you go you come across these fascinating shapes and patterns in its trees and rocks.